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Who is Pitda Corp?

We are a unit specializing in Strategic Planning and total Marketing solutions, providing services to help businesses promote business activities and build strong brands:

  • Strategic consulting on brand, communication, sales

  • Brand Identity Design

  • Website/Landing page design and management

  • Build and manage Facebook Fanpage

  • Filming, taking pictures (TVC/YouTube/TikTok)

Join Pitda Corp to proceed challenging for extremely interesting jobs in many subjects and industries, from Education, Fashion, Cosmetics, Clinic, Spa, Studio…

Who is Pitda Corp?
    At Pitta Corp, you will be trained to become a Marketing Master
    • Customer communication skills

      Through meetings and exchanges with customers, you will be trained in intensive working skills and communication skills so that customers love and want to cooperate.
    • Superior planning skills

      With Pitda's experienced team, you will be trained in planning skills, creating the best plans yourself to help your work always be highly effective.
    • Skills to build Fanpage / Tiktok / Youtube

      How to build successful Fanpage / Tiktok / Youtube channels? You will learn all the skills to do that while working with us.
    • Content &Image creation skills

      At Pitda, you will be trained to think creatively about content and images through different projects, thereby cultivating more knowledge and acumen at work.
    Promote in career
    Road to promotion (Rank up)
    • 1


      Submit your CV online and interview in person at the office.
    • 2

      Trial job

      Being trained in necessary skills through the process of working, planning, and projecting for customers

      Probation 1-2 months

      (85% of official salary)

    • 3

      Official staff

      Autonomy & creativity at work

      Suggesting direction & participating in the development of the company

      (Hard salary + bonus)

    • 4

      Leader Rank Up

      Assigned to manage a team, proactively assign tasks and tightening KPIs to achieve work efficiency.
    • 5

      Promoted to Manager

      Recruit staff and form your own team to fight bigger jobs

      (Hard salary + commission).

    Why you should join team Pitda?
    • Realistic Agency environment

      Realistic Agency environment

      You will be able to run campaigns, build channels for many different industries, from retail, products and services, clinics, real estate... Each member will be in charge of 1-2 channels or the most industries, determined according to ability and desire.
    • Salary + Job-based bonus

      Salary + Job-based bonus

      The probationary period at Pitda Corp also has a fixed salary, depending on your qualifications, capacity and responsibilities with the job, you will enjoy different benefits/incentives. The more important the positions, the higher the hard salary and the bigger the bonus/commission.
    • Whatever you want

      Whatever you want

      Need to learn any course with that course, as long as you deal with and interact with the company. If you need any support tools/machines, you can buy them and remember to take good care of them! If you want to go on a trip with the team, just suggest and earn money and the boss will let you go immediately.
    • Exchange, Interact and Attachment

      Exchange, Interact and Attachment

      For those who socialize, make friends from all over the world and grow together as a family.
    To join Pitda you need:

    Self-study, Responsibility

    Passion for Marketing Sales and knowing what you want, what to do to always be full of energy and enthusiasm when fighting projects with the team

    Creative, enthusiastic

    When working, there will be a lot of knowledge or jobs that you may not know. Self-study to upgrade yourself and always be responsible at work so as not to affect the team!


    Passion in Marketing Sales

    At Pitda, you don’t have to follow a standard, creativity and enthusiasm are the factors that help you to be effective at work.


    Dare to do, dare to take responsibility

    Not afraid of failure, not afraid of challenges, not afraid of difficulties, dare to do dare are the core factors for you to participate in helping the team develop stronger.

    Personnel sharing
    • Phương Thảo

      Phương Thảo


      I like the feeling of "hunting" customers, persuading and pleasing them. Then "throw" the job for other teams to devour. Discussing with the client while flattering Creative is my profession. Hihi
    • Anh Thư

      Anh Thư


      Many times when I look at the Designer and Content team "fighting", I want to break ground. But since then, my skills in team management and relationship balancing can't be surpassed by anyone. Haha
    • Hoàng Trung

      Hoàng Trung


      Diving to search, yearning for ideas, messages even at night dreaming about the brand =((( The next morning I was confused, there is nothing wrong with spelling mistakes. I have to slap myself!
    • Minh Tấn

      Minh Tấn


      Sketch out ideas to make good ideas even better. Fix it forever, fix it until the last minute... Sometimes it's too frustrating, but looking at the Pitda team who are always working hard, the "designer" fights and forgets myself.
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