About us

Pitda and the story behind the people who are always dedicated to other people's dreams.

Customer success and satisfaction is our pleasure.

Pitda's goal

Your destination is also our destination.

Let Pitda accompany you and reap achievements with you.

Pitda's goal
Operation philosophy

With the motto "We turn everything we touch into gold", Pitda aims to develop and improve in its work, by working hard and relentlessly to bring success closer to customers.

Our team
  • Sales Team

    Sales Team

    Consulting, customer care, maintaining partnerships, supporting booking KOLs, locations, press,...
  • Planning Team

    Planning Team

    Market research/analysis, marketing strategy planning, communication planning, idea generation, monitoring, measurement and adjustment.
  • Creative Team

    Creative Team

    Develop impressive images, diverse in form, in accordance with the requirements of the business.
  • Content Team

    Content Team

    Take care of the content text for the project.
  • Technical Team

    Technical Team

    Website/Landing Page Programming, Fanpage Management, CRM, SMS, Email, SEO Optimization,...
  • Team Pi Arc - 3D

    Team Pi Arc - 3D

    Architectural design, shaping style, creating space for showroom, office,....
  • Effective

    We value the end result, bringing satisfaction to customers.

  • Responsibility

    We are responsible for the maximum service and customer support to achieve the desired effect.

  • Reliability

    We are honest in advertising and performing all services and products with customers.

  • High security

    We respect the standards of professional ethics, confidentiality of customer information, do not harm unrelated parties.

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